Regular manicure includes nail shaping, culticure grooming, massage with lotion and finish with your choice of regular polish.


It upgrades Classic Manicure with collagen gloves covered by hot pads and massage with collagen cream to provide
deep moisturizing and promote soft skin for a youthful gloves.

DELUXE  |  $42

The package includes Classic Manicure and nourishing salt glow exfoliates dry, dead layers and leaves skin smooth and soft. Then, Paraffin Wax, hot towels stimulate circulation, leaving your hands looking brighter and more refined.

Gel Manicure | $35 


BASIC | $33

Short on time or just need a quick refresh? This pedicure is what you are looking for! A nice and simple includes nails shaping, culticle cleaning, light scrub, callus removal and the application of regular polish.


This treatment includes nails shaping, culticure grooming, callus removal. Followed by massage your legs with oil sugar crub to exfoliate your dry skin. Then, lotion is applied to get extra moisture and relaxing by hot towels wrapped. Finish with your choice of regular polish.


A luxury 5-step pedicure that generously indulges your skin and gives it the rich sparkle it deserves while soothing rough, irritated areas for a brighter, and refreshed skin! Infused with soothing vanilla bean extract with antiinflammatory, antibacterial, and antioxidant properties. Muscle Relief with Hot Stone and massage gently until fully absorbed to moisturize skin.

DETOX | $55

Give your skin exactly what it has been craving with our allin-one Raspberry Sorbet, Mint Mimosa, or Lavender Vanilla Pedi in a Box. The exclusive fizz powder creates a unique, enjoyable experience that helps to detoxify feet and enhance blood circulation. Eliminate impuritie, soften skin, and replenish moisture with a fresh, delectable scents. It’s the perfect sweet treat for your feet.


A luxury 5-step pedicure with nourishing peach extract to boost collagen production, giving smooth, radiant, youthful skin and fight visible signs of aging. Collagen Socks contain macadamia oil, herb extracts blended with peppermint, which soothes feet and has a delightful cooling effect. The socks are made with a double-layer biodegradable material that provides 99% UV/LED ray protection

DELUXE | $70

Luxuriate yourself in our VIPs (Very Indulgent Pedicure) treatment that will not only refresh your fatigued body perfectly but also assists in improving the apprance of aging skin and restoring moisture. Your choice of Ultimate Sage Fullness, Milk & Honey, or Aloe Aloe take this pedicure to the next level that also included Hot Stone helps ease fatigue and stress. Paraffin Wax helps open pores and removes dead skin cells, making the skin look fresher and retaining moisture longer.


Gel polish | $15
French | $5
American | $5
Extension | $10
Fill in | $7
Gel removel | $5



Overlay | $45
French | $52
Ombre | $60

$8 extra for nail tips


Acrylic Full Set (Gel Polish) | $50+
Acrylic Re Fill (Gel Polish) | $40+


 Hybrid Gel | $55+
Hybrid Gel Refill | $45+


Eyebrows | $15
Lip | $10
Chin | $15+
Sideburns | 20
Full face | $40+
Underarms | 25


Polish change hands | $15
Polish change toes | $15
Gel polish change hands | $25
Gel polish change toes | $25
Acrylic removal | $15
Dipping powder removal | $12
Gel removal | $10
Paraffin treatment | $10

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